VJ Connect Coporation (Connect Vietnam Japan)


Bui Giang Chau


2016,January 15

Member of management Council

Wada wiki

Charter capital

6.000.000 Yen


Tokyo, Shinjuku, Okubo 1-16-16 Shouei Biru 101, Japan


TEL: 03-6886-6808 FAX: 050-1202-6094


License to trade in used item: 301031605316(東京)

Employment permit issued by the Ministry of Labor of Japan: 13--311647

Japan domestic travel business license: 37910

License to support visa application Special skills: 法務省認定 登支援機 20-003865




Transaction bank

Mizuho Bank Ueno branch, Postal Bank Post Bank, Sumitomo Kanda branch, Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Bank Okudo branch

Business summary:

Japan nowaday have to face a shortage of about 1 million workers per year. The Japanese Government has a motto of using robot and plans to work together with 100 million person. Beside there has another way that use the foreign human resources. Especially in the IT field, in Vietnam, India, Philippines and Myanmar,.. are developing about Offshore, many elite technicians working for Japanese subsidiaries in these countries, as well as join in Japanses Offshore projects, wishing to work in Japan. Our VJ Connects Company by introducing jobs as well as life support for technicians from Vietnam to countries such as Nepal, Bangladesh, Indo, Indonesia, wish to contribute to the development of Japan as well as the above countries.

The company’s business activities:

1.    Introduce the job

-      Introducing Engineers, IT Engineers ( Vietnamese resources in Vietnam and in Japan)

-      Accepting Special Engineers

-      Consulting and accepting trainers (Vietnamese labor export)

-      Consulting on recruting foreign workers in Japan.

-      (Beside we also supply Nepal, Bangladesh, Indonesia by customer’s request)

2.    Consulting and support for foreigners in Japan

-      Suport when entering Japan: Transfer to the airport, support administrative procedures such as: procedures for making foreigners cards, opening bank account,…

-      Eplain the culture in Japan such as: Garbage classification, traffic rules,..

-      Take care and advice on visa usuals, visa extention for administrative laws, Japanese – Vietnameses interpreter.

3.    Japan domestic travel

-      Plan and organize domestic tour in Japan

-      Organize tour for foreigners in Japan

-      Air ticket sales

4.    Online shopping

-      Ipad, iphone, Smartphone, Laptop, Destop, electronic accessories

-      Data Sim, pocket wifi, docomo sim, UQ sim

-      Genuine Japanese functional food cosmetic

-      Oder Japanese domestic product according to customer’s request.

Summarize the develop of VJ Connects



Establishment of coporation company VJ Connects



Start wholesale and retail service of electronic products (Ipad, Iphone, Laptop) Japansese cosmetics, functional foods, Japan – Vietnam air tickets.

Numbering paper:301031605316(東京)



Start job referral service

Numbering paper:許可番13--311647



Starting a business of domestic tourism in Japan

Numbering paper:東京都知事登旅行業務第3-7910



Start consulting and support services related to Special Skilled Interns

Numbering paper:法務省認定 登支援機 20-003865